The New Bank Account That Gave Me Free Cash on Day 1!

One of the things I wanted to do for this challenge was to start afresh with a brand new bank account. As I need to access it on the road I decided to opt for a multi country option which will go with me where ever I decide to roam to.

The account that I have chosen is Revolut …… which has been getting a lot of positive attention online.

This account is available in 200 countries, so hopefully it will work for you too.

Click Here to Register For Free

I have to admit it was very quick and easy to register for this new account, and I was delighted to see that I could set myself goals to work on in there too. What a perfect way to keep an eye on my own progress. I quickly set up a 100K Challenge goal and I really look forward to watching my own progress with it on this account:

I was also impressed that I can have a crypto balance in this bank account, as well as multiple currencies and stocks too. Finally banking is starting to catch up with what is actually happening in the world……

Even better…… I was able to actually earn some crypto just by learning a bit more about it and taking a very short quiz. Check it out – I got £14.50 just for completing a quick quiz!

I think I am in love with Revolut already hahaha!!

Right now my brand new bank account is empty apart from the little bit of crypto I got from the quiz…… but that will soon change. It will be getting linked to all the other accounts I hold like Paypal, Payeer, Skrill etc so finally I will have access to all my money in one place!

Although you certainly don’t have to open a new account for this challenge, I do think having a separate account for your online earning is a good idea. It means you can make sure that you are not dipping into your main account to pay for anything, and it gets you into the habit of earning before you pay. Thats another habit that I highly recommend…… This account even provides a virtual card payment option (or a physical card for a small fee) which I know will be very useful for many of my followers.

Oh and I can also teach you how to earn up to $250 as a Revolut affiliate later as part of this challenge.

If you want to join Revolut as well you can do it in a few minutes. Just click here  and add the app to your phone. Its free and actually quite fun too!

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