Learning Email Marketing

When I first started out with email marketing I was TERRIBLE and made all kinds of mistakes. To help you bypass as much of that as possible I am providing guidance as well as example emails which you can use.

This post will also be updated each time I provide a new email, which can then be copied across into your Leadsleap account.

I made the decision to NOT provide the import codes for these as I want you to learn more about writing emails for yourself. This is why I add an email analysis for each one as well. This also allows you to pick and choose from my email examples…..

Welcome Email

This is a suggested welcome email for setting up first:


Here you will find an alternative welcome email you might like to use instead: http://elliesearningchallenge.ws/2022/08/16/increasing-daily-cashflow-part-1/

Follow Up Emails

I encourage you to think about the flow of your emails that you send to your subscribers. Try to make them work a bit like a story (as most people will want to know what happens next, right?)

Feel free to change the order of these emails or skip past any that don’t resonate with you. You tell your story and not mine….. it will be much more powerful!

Try to alternate between guidance emails, knowledge ones and progress ones. This is to mix things up a little and keep people interested in learning reading your emails even if they are not following the plan yet.

Here you will find the second follow up email (just after the welcome one) that I suggest you send: http://elliesearningchallenge.ws/2022/08/23/the-fortune-is-in-the-follow-up/

In this post you will find a good first update example email: http://elliesearningchallenge.ws/2022/09/01/using-leadsleap-to-get-referrals-buyers/

In your emails try to ‘set up’ the expectation about what you will send next. This encourages your readers to look out for your next email.

You will want to explain to your subscribers quite quickly how earning a little bit daily is going to build up. For that email I send a link to this blog post: http://elliesearningchallenge.ws/2022/08/03/how-to-earn-10-per-day-from-free-sites/

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