Easy $250 for Free?

Wow I love getting emails that say things like that, don’t you?

Even better when it comes from a reputable source, and this one certainly did! Its also available in 200 countries…..

All you need to do is click here to register for a free account with Revolut if not already done that

Then you qualify for earning $50 per referral for 5 people (total of $250) who basically go on to use the Revolut account.

Now I have already fallen in love with this account, and wish I had joined earlier. It provides many benefits, especially to those who work online. Things like a virtual card you can use for paying to join sites which don’t have a payment method that suits you. Being able to set yourself earning goals……oh and free cash for joining too.

Think you can’t get referrals?

I can pretty much guarantee that I will be joining the affiliate program for Revolut so I can earn a lot more than $250 for sharing info about it as well. I would love to teach you how to do the same!

Interested in that? Let me know below……

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