Affiliate Marketing: First Steps To A Successful Campaign

Affiliate marketing is probably the most lucrative earning model in the online world, and there is a high demand for clear and proper training. Fact is lots of people try to promote affiliate products and fail just because they do not have the right knowledge about how it actually works.

There are 2 main ways that you can earn with affiliate marketing:

  • The Lottery Method
  • The Skill Method

The Lottery Method is basically where you get an affiliate link and share it in as many places as you can in the hope of making a sale. Sometimes you will get lucky……

The Skill Method is where you do the right research, learn about targeting and follow ups etc etc. This creates a constant flow of commission.

98 sales of the same product is Skill Based Affiliate Marketing:

The reason why so many people fail to make any sales as an affiliate is because they are using the Lottery Method.

Over the next few posts I will basically provide you with the Skill Method. I will provide a fully functioning affiliate marketing campaign that actually works. Together we will focus on this campaign until it creates a steady flow of commission for you.

I can and I will keep working with you until you have earned at least $1000 with this campaign if you want me to.

Step 1

You cannot start to promote anything properly which you do not fully understand. You MUST start off as a customer so you can assess the product from the perspective of the people you want to promote it to.

For this first campaign we will be focusing on a free to join program called Survey Time (available worldwide). It is one of the easiest type of programs to promote, and you will learn affiliate skills and gain commission without having to sell anything to anyone. In other words, they join free and you make money. You will earn $1 for every successful free referral you make.

Click Here To Join Surveytime If Not Already Done So

Take the time to complete the profile questions on the site. You need to be able to explain this process to your referrals and you can’t do that if you haven’t completed the process yourself.

When you get to the end of the profile questions the system will tell you if there is a survey available for you to complete. If there is one available it is important that you try to complete it. Remember you need to understand the site from the persective of those you will be promoting it to!

If you complete a survey you will get an immediate payment for doing it. Even if you can’t complete a survey however you will be able to make money with this affiliate campaign.

Step 2

So you can explain to your potential referrals how the site works, you will need to write a blog post. This single blog post can make you a LOT of money when you use it correctly. I made $11 on the first day I wrote my own blog post……and since then I get a steady flow of commission.

I will guide you on EXACTLY how to set up your own blog and will tell you what to write as well. I recommend you use GDI to host your blog.

Click Here To Join GDI if Not Already Done So

When you register you will be asked to create a domain name. This name should be something related to making money online if possible.

You will get 7 days to use this account before any payment is taken, then the cost is $10 per month. This will become your second affiliate product and I will teach you how to promote it as well.

I recommend you register and claim your free pass in Instant Profits Club ,a high quality product to increase your earnings .As soon as you canI suggest to upgrade for an only unique payment of 17$ and you wil get 100% commissions from your affiliate sales

Click Here To Join Instant Profits Club and Claim your Free Pass

This will become your 3rd great affiliate product

You will not be able to progress without these 3 accounts. Make sure you have them in place ready for the next steps.

Step 3

The next thing you will need to do is apply to be considered for the affiliate program with Surveytime. I have written a guide which will help you with your application:

How To Get Approval To Join The Surveytime Affiliate Program

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