The Earning Funnel For Success

Over the years that I have been working online, I have discovered the secret to success is basically using what I would call an earning funnel. By that I mean a system that allows people to move from basic earning sites to more advanced ones as and when they choose to.

Having an earning funnel that allows everyone to start with free and simple earning methods like ad clicks etc means that you are actually pre-building an active and engaged team. In other words instead of trying to jump in at the level of team building for an opportunity that costs $100 to start, it is much easier to start with a free site and build up to that level. It is easier for several reasons which I will explain below.

Using an earning funnel means that you increase your chances of success as well, because you are providing and earning from multiple opportunities at the same time.

My Earning Funnel System

So you understand how exactly using free sites like those listed on About My 100K Online Earning Challenge! can lead to reaching $100,000 of earnings here is an example showing how my earning funnel works:

Free Sites = High Demand with Low Earnings.

Promoting these sites means you are likely to get a high number of people joining the plan. Some will use the sites for a couple of days and drop out, while others will stick with them and progress to the next step. You will earn commission on ALL activity which creates simple cash flow for you to move forward.

Using Free sites allows ANYONE to join in with the earning plan, so imagine this as a wide neck on your earning funnel. You might get 100 or 1000 or even more people joining here.

Small Payment Sites = Lower Demand but Higher Earnings.

Those who stick with the free earning sites will be able to earn their way forward to joining sites with a small cost. Those who prefer to start at this level can pay to join these sites without having to earn the cash first of course.

This already doubles the chances of success because you are opening the doors to those who would not normally join due to a lack of funds or lack of trust.

Not everyone who joins the earning plan will progress to this level….. this makes the funnel a bit narrower at this stage. In other words it removes those who are not really serious about working to earn. However instead of earning nothing from people who don’t make it to this stage, you will still earn some commission from stage one of the funnel.

Higher Payment Sites = Much Lower Demand but Much Higher Earnings

Those who stick with the earning plan will be able to earn their way forward to joining the higher earning sites. They do so safe in the knowledge that they have active team members also working their way forward to joining (They have pre built a team).

The funnel is narrower here, with a much lower number of people joining. For example you might have 100 people start with the free sites, 50 move to the second level and just 10 moving to this level. However if you keep promoting the plan more and more people start to progress to this level.

Think about the earning funnel like a conveyor belt – it creates a steady flow of people joining and moving forward.

The system itself is filtering out people who are willing to work from people who are not. Only those who are active in earning and promoting will ever make it to this top earning level.

You earn commission on EVERY LEVEL of the plan, and not just the last one. So you are earning 160 times instead of just 10 in the example provided.

Compare This With Normal Systems

Those who try to start earning with the higher commission sites straight away are much more likely to fail. This is because they have not built up their own skills in marketing. In addition to not having the skills to market a high level commission system, they do not have a relationship with team members who are active and willing to learn. In fact they do not even have a contact list of people who want to work online, and have not built trust with people either.

All of those things make it MUCH harder to succeed in promoting the higher level earning sites. Yes you might get the ‘odd sale’ promoting this level of system, but it is much better and easier to succeed when you have a team of people already working to reach it instead.

This is the main difference:

Earning Funnel = Steady flow of new team members in several opportunities.

Single Opportunity = Occassional new team member in 1 opportunity

There are No Shortcuts To Success

The main thing that I know for sure about working online is there are no shortcuts to success. It takes time and effort to build relationships with people….. but doing so makes life a lot easier.

You can try to jump in at the high earning level, but without the contact list and trust that is gained from starting at the lower levels you are highly likely to fail….. You might think it is going to be quicker using a higher income opportunity straight away, but because it is a lot harder that just doesn’t happen. In fact what you are doing is setting yourself up for failure instead.

In this challenge I will be showing you EXACTLY how I get over 1000 team members on multiple sites on complete autopilot. Using the earning funnel approach is very easy when you know how to do it.

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