No Fail System Creation

For years my coach and mentor Ellie Murphy is been working online with the goal of creating a simple system that actually works for everyone who uses it. It has been her single focus because she knows that it is possible, and she loves to help others succeed.

Now she has created that system I want to tell everyone who works online all about it.

System Criteria

She had a few specific requirements for my no fail system:

  • Simple – I know simple works best online, and it was important that no techinical, recruitment or sales skills were required.
  • Worldwide – I hate the fact that many programs are biased towards success only in some of the richest countries in the world.
  • Free To Start – No cost means not excluding those who have the biggest need to earn.
  • Low Time Demand – Working for 7 or 8 hours a day online is not something I want to do, and it excludes many people. It must be possible to use the system for about 1 hour per day and be able to succeed.
  • Daily Progress – I know how motivation works, and you need to see progress to fuel encouragement and to stick with the plan.
  • High Level Income Potential – I want to really be able to change lives. Anyone can make a small amount of money online, but everyone wants to be able to make it to financial freedom levels of earning.
  • Stable – None of these here today and gone tomorrow issues.
  • Clear and Visable Methodology – It must be obvious to those who join how it actually works.
  • No False Promises – Using the idea of “done for you” systems, or “fast and easy cash” to lure those who don’t understand they simply don’t work for the majority is unacceptable.
  • Self Sustaining and Building – I wanted something that turns into an automated system which continues to grow long term.

As you can see from this list, she had quite a challenge on my hands. Yet she has managed to create this system. She provides the system itself on her website Elite List Building which you can of course join for free. Skip past the advertising sales pages using the no thank you button at the bottom of those pages and you will find the system guidance on the menu.

Click here to Join Elite List Building

For those who want to know more before registering here are the details:


The system is based on one of the most simple methods of making money online that is available: Clicking on an ad. Lets be honest here, a child could do that.


She has done her best to remove the bias towards specific countries. There are a few options which are still easier if you live in the UK or US, but these are not required. For example you can start off by doing a few surveys if you have these available……but many countries do not have them, or are practially impossible to complete. Completing those tasks are not a requirement but are available to those who want to use them. This bias is only present at the very start and is eliminated as progress is made. If I find a stable way around this then I will add it to the system.

Free To Start

The system uses free to start sites which pay for simple tasks (ad clicks, surveys, watching videos etc) to help participants to move from zero to $10. It was important for Ellie Murphy to include a way that everyone can achieve this initial step. It is in place to speed up the process considerably and can actually be achieved without it. The timescale it takes without that initial $10 is a lot longer however.

Low Time Demand

She has created the system around the requirement of 1 – 2 hours per day of work to be able to succeed. You can choose to spend more time working if you want to, but I discourage doing that long term.

Daily Progress

She sets achievable goals which you will reach as long as you complete the daily tasks. For example the first goal is to reach a single $10. It doesn’t matter if you make $0.10 a day or $1 a day for this – you will still reach that $10 goal.

We also work on increasing the daily income levels from day 1 and move it through an incremental scale: $0.10, $0.50, $1, $5, $10 to $100+ per day. There is no top limit on the amount that can be earned.

The way this part of the plan works is this:

You earn $10 from zero, then use that $10 to fund an account. You start off with earning $0.30 per day as soon as you have funded the account. I teach you how to use daily earnings to build it up from this level to $1, $5 and $10 per day.

At the same time you continue to work on the free account to earn another $10. This time you use the $10 to fund an advertising account upgrade (one time payment). This opens the doors to earning $5 payments in commission.

There is a “done for you” advertising component introduced here to help you earn the $5 payments…….. however you are also taught how to do this for yourself. In other words the “done for you” part is a backup, or bonus provided which is NOT required for success. It is included to help speed up your earning levels and support those who struggle with advertising initially (until we teach you how to do it effectively for yourself). Note that even if you get no referrals at this stage ever (which is highly unlikely) your daily earnings will still increase due to the first $10 used.

High Level Income Potential

The main goal that she works on helping members achieve is $100+ per day…… however this is not the top amount that can be earned. As you progress you are guided and supported in earning passive income as well as that earned from daily activites. The whole point of passive income is of course that it is unlimited. The high level income potential also links to the Self Sustaining methodology discussed below.


She focuses on using simple earning options which have been around for 10+ years already. In addition I teach the skills required for learning how to have a fully automated system running in exactly the same way as professional marketers do.

Clear and Visable Methodology

You can see exactly how this system works to generate higher and higher level income. It uses the same methodology that has been used for centuries before the internet even existed. That is the method of using money to earn money.

No False Promises

Using a single $10 payment to start opening doors to daily returns as well as commission from sales at the same time creates what I would call a belt and braces approach. In other words the system uses 2 different ways of making money at the same time. The first option has worked for many years on its own and provides a back up of daily cash flow.

In addition she provides the extra back up of a “done for you” system of advertising BUT use it the way it should be used. It is not the main cash generator, nor does it take the place of your own advertising.

Ellie Murphy makes no claims of earning high level income overnight. She is very clear that you start off earning small amounts and this is increased over time.

Self Sustaining and Building

Basically you are taught how to earn cash from zero, and make those funds multiply over and over again. It is self funding which means it can sustain itself. By putting some earned funds back into the system it will continue to grow long term.

In addition, learning how to create a fully automated system also means that you learn how to become a professional marketer. That in itself becomes self building because you learn the skills you need to succeed regardless of what you choose to work on promoting.

You will learn a very effective method of building your team or customer list for ANY business you choose to work on.

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