Single Blog Post That Earns $10,000+ With Free Products

Its a bloggers dream to be able to write a blog post which makes a lot of money over and over and over again. Usually it takes a lot of skill to write such a post AND a high demand product with a high price tag.  Today however I would like to teach you EXACTLY how to earn $10,000+ with a single blog post and FREE products.  

The products are a range of items that might make you a little money when used individually, but as a package deal have the potential to fill your bank account.  You simply need to put them together correctly……and I show you how to do that.  

The first product you need is an account with Leadsleap.  This is going to provide you with a special ad and lead capture page which I have designed for you.  

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After registering with this account, click on “Page Manager” in the menu then import the page into your account.  To do this click the blue add a new campaign button first, then add a campaign name.  I suggest you use the name “single blog post that earns $10,000”.  

Next you need to click the button which says add a new page to start, and use the Import Using A Share Code option.  The code to enter in the box is LnYVVVGkU

You now have a copy of the special ad and lead capture page which you will need to promote on free to join traffic sites.   The traffic sites you need to join are: 

Elite List Building:

Ad Exchange Leads

Website Traffic Rewards

Infinity Traffic Boost

Infinity Mailer Boost

Hungry for Hits

Viral Mailer For You

Each of these sites provide different things and earning systems which you will need to use as part of this plan. They are the first “Cash Generators”. You will start making money with these simply for using them and promoting them on your own blog post (which will be a copy of this post). They will also be used to share the special ad lead capture page you have just imported into Leadsleap.

You will start off by using the free ad packages provided on each site to promote your lead capture page from Leadsleap, then you need to surf other member ads to earn ad credits AND cash.

The cash you earn on each site will be used to upgrade each one. This gives you a LOT of traffic to promote your page from Leadsleap, but also increases your earnings considerably. You will be able to start upgrading your traffic accounts within a few days of using them. In fact you can earn the $0.25 or $0.50 to upgrade Hungry for Hits on your first day. Simply play the games while surfing on there, move earned commission funds to your Piggy Bank to get a 20% bonus, and choose the 1 day Silver or Gold upgrade. You can do this each time you have earned the funds from surfing to give yourself a big ad boost.

If you prefer to do so you can of course pay to upgrade these sites without having to spend the time surfing to earn the cash first. This is a much faster way to start earning as it gives you a LOT of traffic to promote your special ad lead capture page as well as that commission boost. It will cost less than $100 to upgrade on them all, including Leadsleap. The upgrade on Leadsleap gives you the added benefit of being able to run ads 24/7 and send the link to your blog post completely automatically. This turns your single blog post into an automated, or hands free, set and forget, earning machine.

Alternatively, if you can’t afford to upgrade on those sites straight away, you can use the following free sites to help you earn your upgrades much faster than surfing alone. For example some people like to spend a day or 2 doing surveys or other earning tasks like playing games, watching videos and doing ad clicks on these sites to earn the $10 required to upgrade Elite List Building. Use these sites daily and you can pay for all the upgrades pretty quickly and really boost your earnings:



Free Bitcoin


The next thing you need is a good quality affiliate product which sells consistently, but one that offers a free to join level. There are not many of these which I would be happy to recommend to others, but Instant Profits Club : is a great one. Even the free level teaches a lot about marketing and is worth having access to. It will teach you more about promoting your blog post, let you earn more from doing that…… and the upgraded options provide high level earnings that never stop coming in.

Lastly, but by no means least you will need to create the blog post just like this one. You will send the people who fill in their details on the special ad lead capture page to this blog post for them to join each site. I recommend you use an account with Global Domains International : to create your blog post as this can easily be monetised further in ways that other accounts cannot. You do have to pay $10 a month for this account, but you get 7 days free to let you start earning first.

Income Proof

Can this page really generate income of $10,000?

Yes it can, if you follow the directions provided correctly. You will start earning a small amount from day 1 if you use the surfing option and the additional free sites. The high level income however comes after you have upgraded each site and started promoting your own blog page. Below you can see screenshots of earnings from the sites included in this post:

Leadsleap Earnings:

Timebucks Earnings:

Elite List Building Earnings:

Global Domains International Earnings:

Ad Exchange Leads Earnings:

Hungry for Hits Commissions:

Infinity Traffic Boost Commissions:

IPC Club Commissions:

Website Traffic Rewards Commissions:

Total Earnings = $10,670.47

That makes this a very good blog post to have right? I haven’t even included earnings from each site on this post……

So, if you really want to make money online, using a proven method, and one that can easily be replicated without paying a penny to get started just follow the instructions provided above, then copy this post across to your own blog on Global Domains International, update the referral links to your own, and let it work for you!

Best Wishes

Rosa Maria xx

PS: There are many more simple earning plans provided on Elite List Building : which will take your earnings to $100,000+ if you want. Check those out for free from the members dashboar

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